Testimonials | Greenwood Garden School
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Greenwood Garden School is the preschool every child should be given the opportunity to attend. My two daughters were among the lucky ones who did! An amazing school with a beautiful garden where children can run and play freely. A stimulating atmosphere with expert, professional teachers where my daughters were happy to go to each day, all of which was very reassuring for me.  A family environment where my girls learned the English language completely stress free through games, songs and other fun and interesting activities. After 4 years at GGS, my daughters could speak, read and write in English as was appropriate for their age. My girls are teenagers now and still speak English fluently and comfortably, which I am certain is a direct result of the solid foundation laid by Greenwood Garden. It was a fantastic experience that my daughters and I will cherish forever!

Romana and Barbara’s Mom

My son would wake up each morning with a smile, knowing he would be going to school. Being a part of the Greenwood Garden family has been an amazing experience and my wife and I were really impressed from the very first day.

The school is run with outstanding professionalism and much love. Samuele was able to progress more and more each day, being consistently motivated by exceptional teachers and the level of the English taught, is of the highest quality.

Undoubtedly, the best preschool in north Rome.

Samuele’s Dad

Greenwood Garden School is an international school that truly focuses on children and puts their needs above everything else. They genuinely and sincerely care.

This is not only evident in the attention and affection given to each child and their daily activities, but above all in the children’s reaction. They really enjoy going to school each day, and feel secure spending their day at school away from us parents. I saw this with both of my children. My daughter wakes up every morning excited to go to school and is disappointed not to go on weekends. My eldest son, who has moved onto elementary school a few years ago, still misses it.

This was one of the most important and reassuring aspects of the school for both my husband and myself.

GGS also has beautiful outdoor spaces, where the children are allowed to play and let off steam several times each day – which is something that is often taken for granted.

The school’s methods worked beautifully with my eldest child who graduated after the kindergarten class. He learned so many things and left the school speaking English comfortably and with excellent pronunciation – which was confirmed by his mother tongue English teachers in elementary school.

I highly recommend this school, not only because of my children’s experience but also because of my own experience there as a parent. The school creates many opportunities for families to be involved and get to know each other throughout the year – our favorite is the amazing Art Day. GGS is a school that creates beautiful friendships and makes memories for children and families.

Francesco and Eleonora’s Mom

With my daughter’s second birthday approaching, the time came for me to make an important decision: selecting a school. As an Italian parent, who works in an American institution myself, I decided I wanted the best of both worlds for my daughter and, therefore, wanted her to begin learning a new language as soon as possible.

What I like the most about Greenwood Garden school is not only their open spaces and the beautiful garden where kids can play freely, but also that, though it is done through play, they really teach the students basics of writing and reading from the very beginning. My daughter is barely three years old, and thanks to her wonderful teacher Miss Emily, she is already able to count and recognize numbers 1 to 10 (she can even write a few), and she is also learning to recognize some letters and shapes.

The funny thing is that, although my daughter is a native Italian speaker, there are some words she is more familiar with in English – such as colors- than in Italian. This doesn’t bother me at all as she has plenty of time to learn the language of her own country, whereas she might not have another chance to be immersed in the Anglo-Saxon language and culture.

The other night, while preparing her backpack, she asked “Mommy can we go to school now?” and I had to explain that she had to wait until the next morning. There is no greater reassurance to a parent, than to see your child’s joy and excitement at the idea of going to school.

Thank you GGS!

Elena’s Mom

My daughter’s, and actually, the whole family’s experience at Greenwood has simply been fantastic!

We cherish every memory of these years from Miss Jenai’s good morning greetings, the art days, the exciting and fun recitals and simply the every day teaching. We miss the smiles and patience of each teacher, the importance given to art, music, reading and foremost how much the staff focused on learning and appreciating each child’s personality and tried to develop their strengths. Each teacher has had a great impact on Olivia and she acquired an enviable English vocabulary for her age. It has now been over a year since we moved onto primary school and Olivia still often mentions her Greenwood friends and teachers. We will be forever grateful for those years, where there hasn’t been one day where Olivia wasn’t happy and looking forward to going to going to school! We miss the Greenwood family!

Olivia’s Mom