About us | Greenwood Garden School
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Greenwood Garden International School

We are an international pre-school and kindergarten for children aging from 2-6 with teaching being done in English by mother-tongue educators experienced with young children. We have been a member of the Rome International Schools’ Association (R.I.S.A.) for over 30 years.

Greenwood Garden School was founded in 1974 by Donna Seibert and Alfredo Ricci and has been in operation for more than forty years. After 43 years of hard work and dedication, having become an esteemed representative of quality education in Rome, Ms. Seibert retired passing the school on to Jenai Ricci, her daughter. Ms. Ricci holds a Master’s degree in Education and 15+ years of experience in the field. Today we continue the tradition of excellence in early childhood education that has become associated with GGS.

The Greenwood Garden program bases its philosophy on the concept that each child is special.
They learn through play, and learning centers provide opportunities to explore and discover the world while allowing the child freedom of choice.

The program offers hands-on experiences which stimulate the child’s interest. Pre-academic concepts and skills are also part of the learning process and the children are divided into four “readiness” classes which provide activities at the appropriate levels:

2-3 year olds > Nursery
3-4 year olds > Early Learning
4-5 year olds > Pre-Kindergarten
5-6 year olds > Kindergarten

Our desire is to create a loving and secure “first step” environment for the young child attending school for the first time. We foster a school which emphasizes love and concern and where children are taught values and respect for others.

Mission Statement


We at Greenwood Garden School strive to prepare the young international child with a strong foundation in English and to provide comprehensive educational experiences which help to develop the whole child in a warm, supportive environment.